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                                             Lighting Inspirations,& Reproducing Lighting History are part of the Lode International group of companies. Lode International has been trading since 1965. We have a long history of supplying fashionable and quality lighting products. Our products decorate some of the most exclusive homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, commercial complexes and national trust buildings.


                                          Lode International also incorporates Reproducing Lighting History which is our brass and glass products for period lighting. Here we address all periods of Australian architecture from Victorian to Retro. All of these products are designed and manufactured by us from local and imported components from all over the world. We have an expert team of assemblers and packers to guarantee quality control. All products are wired with A.S    approved components to conform and comply to Australian and New Zealand standards.


                                         Incorporating all of these in house facilities also allows all Lighting Inspirations products to be checked and quality controlled before dispatch. This in turn gives our fashion range of products a high level of quality, style and affordability. We have a great long term commitment, passion and pride in the                             Australian lighting industry.    


                                              Lode International is an Australian owned and run company.

                                                                Please support all our local industries.     




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